All New Interactive Site for your St. Louis Home Search

I did it, yes I did! Did what you may be asking? 

I created a new interactive website (no dot com on the end) that’s geared to be more user friendly and offer more visuals. We all want to see big pictures of the homes we find online. I’m making that happen. Details are important for any home search. You want to know the square footage, how many bedrooms, how big is the lot the home sits on. I’m aiming to make that search mobile friendly overall. Not only that I don’t want you to find a home that’s under contract and that’s the one you have your heart set on. When starting your Saint Louis Home Search nothing is more frustrating than calling your agent only to hear a home is under contract but appeared online on another website you’re using. That’s why my websites are directly tied to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), so you know that you’re only seeing what’s available to purchase.

Let’s be honest I want you to search how you like when you like, that’s why you can also search right in my mobile app if you choose. Just click this link and it will open the app store right to my dedicated app on both iOS and Android devices: Tamara Liggins Real Estate Mobile App.

I also have other sites that you can search and sign up for home alerts that you can drill down to show and send you only what you want to see Real Estate St Louis Now Home Search