The Winter Months Are Coming….

As the fall rolled in, the weather stayed pretty nice across the US, may have ushered in some rain in some places but it was definitely needed in most. Halloween and all it’s frightful delights may brought some bellyaches, startled reactions and fear to name a few things. But winter for most means turning on the fireplace, gather up with a book, pull up the heavy blankets and turn up the thermostats. Most of all winter starts are wheels to moving on what we plan to change for the next year, what type of New Year’s Resolution we didn’t hit this past year and makes it back on our list for the coming year.

Many of us also think of the winter months as a time to plan a move either renting or buying, most do it over the summer when it affects kids and school in any case. Winter may mean driving in slushy conditions, putting on those fabulous shoe booties to cover your feet when entering someone’s home or leaving your shoes at the door altogether.

I know my plans include a lot of winter driving, ushering my buyers from home to home until we find that match that ticks off all or most of their wishlist.

Winter Landscape

Image courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee at

Have you thought of what the winter will bring to you or the change it would cause?