Making Your Home A Haven

We all hear nothing is more fulfilling than becoming a home owner. At least that’s what I heard growing up.

However that can take some work once you get in!

Can you take an honest hard look at your home and say I love everything about it?

I know I don’t like my front door, I don’t like the carpet in my living room, I don’t like the carpet tiles in my basement. The list can be endless but there’s an end road seriously. That can mean a renovation big or small. Even the tiniest update can return a reward.

Here’s the door I would love to invest in for a few reasons I’ll cover:


Sanibel Full Lite Primed Premium Steel Prehung Front Door



Pretty right? Pricey too, almost $1300 at my last check and that’s not even including the hardware (handles). Which me being who I am, I know it has to be a smart lock included, I love being keyless as much as possible and always have my phone with me. This particular door blocks you seeing in unless you consider a blur seeing much, not only that but it has the iron in front the glass (another security block).

That’s the joy of making small changes though, there’s a Rate of Return that you could receive back for putting the money upfront. That’s a steel door, highly recommended as an upgrade. This article on HouseLogic, points out some of the same things I know. SECURITY!!!! Sometimes we forgo the look we want because we may not know that tempered glass is a reinforcement and looks great. This also would make for a great tax deduction (check with your preparer or CPA).

Paint, Paint, Paint! I can not say that too many times. This is true unless the house was freshly painted when you bought it. However that doesn’t mean you don’t want your own colors especially if everything was neutral and bland. Go with what fits the style of room and your decor.

Window oh Window, so many of you! Windows the bane of your existence? Doesn’t have to be, simple window treatments can make a room stand out. If you have pre-existing rods already something light like sheers or fabric can add a pop of color and change a rooms decor.

We’ll follow up, drop a comment on things that you’ve changed or want to change, sites like Pinterest can always be a place for inspiration.