The Winter Months Are Coming….

As the fall rolled in, the weather stayed pretty nice across the US, may have ushered in some rain in some places but it was definitely needed in most. Halloween and all it’s frightful delights may brought some bellyaches, startled reactions and fear to name a few things. But winter for most means turning on the fireplace, gather up with a book, pull up the heavy blankets and turn up the thermostats. Most of all winter starts are wheels to moving on what we plan to change for the next year, what type of New Year’s Resolution we didn’t hit this past year and makes it back on our list for the coming year.

Many of us also think of the winter months as a time to plan a move either renting or buying, most do it over the summer when it affects kids and school in any case. Winter may mean driving in slushy conditions, putting on those fabulous shoe booties to cover your feet when entering someone’s home or leaving your shoes at the door altogether.

I know my plans include a lot of winter driving, ushering my buyers from home to home until we find that match that ticks off all or most of their wishlist.

Winter Landscape

Image courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee at

Have you thought of what the winter will bring to you or the change it would cause?


All New Interactive Site for your St. Louis Home Search

I did it, yes I did! Did what you may be asking? 

I created a new interactive website (no dot com on the end) that’s geared to be more user friendly and offer more visuals. We all want to see big pictures of the homes we find online. I’m making that happen. Details are important for any home search. You want to know the square footage, how many bedrooms, how big is the lot the home sits on. I’m aiming to make that search mobile friendly overall. Not only that I don’t want you to find a home that’s under contract and that’s the one you have your heart set on. When starting your Saint Louis Home Search nothing is more frustrating than calling your agent only to hear a home is under contract but appeared online on another website you’re using. That’s why my websites are directly tied to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), so you know that you’re only seeing what’s available to purchase.

Let’s be honest I want you to search how you like when you like, that’s why you can also search right in my mobile app if you choose. Just click this link and it will open the app store right to my dedicated app on both iOS and Android devices: Tamara Liggins Real Estate Mobile App.

I also have other sites that you can search and sign up for home alerts that you can drill down to show and send you only what you want to see Real Estate St Louis Now Home Search

Haunted Houses? Do They Really Exist?

Recently I was out showing a home to a buyer client, not only is she a client, but has been a friend since elementary school. This is where it gets a bit hairy.

We were laughing upon entering the house and she made a comment regarding it looked like someone left in the middle of packing. I laughed because indeed it did and there was a big notice on the door to make sure you actually lock the door when you leave.

We continued on through the tour of the house and instead of going to the 2nd floor level we decided to head to the basement since that’s one of the requirements on her wish list. It needs to be livable or able to be finished without much repair.

As we’re walking through the basement, there was this one odd door. I asked if she was going to look she said no really quickly. So of course, me being the agent I decided to be the one to take the look. There was a weird like altar in the room, naturally I closed the door after she peeked and she made a beeline for the basement steps.

We were joking coming out of the basement when it felt like she got a little too close for comfort. But I looked behind me and there was space between us. We passed back through the kitchen on the way to one of the set of steps that lead upstairs. I was leading the way discussing some of the features of the house and the price was set to move the house in the current market.

I had a weird situation after the feeling on the basement steps, however I didn’t say a word about it and trooped right on. Another hairy turn/feeling? I placed my foot on the first step on the upper set of stairs, there suddenly was a large dragging and then a drop. I don’t know what but I had the urge to run and run is what I did. I turned to look and she was running right on my heels.

I slammed the front door the moment she cleared it and started putting the key into the lock. It took about 2 to 3 minutes to get the lock to click into place but she pointed out we didn’t have the box to lock the key back in (Referencing the interior box of the Supra). I suddenly got a sick feeling in my stomach that now I had to unlocked this door and go back in. Then I remembered, ha I never take the box all the way into the house, I usually place it right on the inside floor next to the door.

I opened the lock and door back up and stuck my hand in just enough to grab the box and it felt like a presence was in front of the door. I quickly snatched the box and locked the door after again a 2 to 3 minute struggle with the locks.

We’re finally backing off the front porch of this house and getting into my truck. I knew I couldn’t drive off too quickly, least we crash. I had to take a moment and compose myself, I took a look over at her and she was physically shaking all over.

She asked something then and I was terrified for real. “Do you see the window curtains are now open on the 2nd floor?” I looked up and they most certainly were, I put my truck in reverse and got the heck out of there so fast.

This by far was a showing appointment that left me feeling unprepared and shaken and I keep getting an odd feeling about the house. Enough to know I’ve never felt this feeling in my life and comparing notes afterwards with my client/friend, something was indeed in that house and it wasn’t a person just hanging out.

Do you believe that homes or buildings can be haunted or ever had a feeling that you weren’t alone?

I know it’s far from Halloween however this felt like being in one of the scary movies or books that I love so much.

Newly Listed! St Louis City 2 bedroom 2 bath 2 Story Brick All Electric

St Louis – 2 beds 2 baths – ****UPDATE***

NEW PRICE $90,000

$92,000 Original List Price

3433 Pennsylvania Ave St. Louis, MO 63118 (Click here to see the full listing)

3433 Pennsylvania Ave St. Louis, MO 63118

Come see this fabulous 2 story charmer! That’s right you have the first floor opening up to a large living room, featuring original stained-glass windows. From there you take a trip into the large dining room. Don’t worry you have a large eat-in kitchen featuring a pantry and loads of cabinetry around the kitchen. Now you are ready to go either out the rear door to your deck which has recently been repainted into a jaw dropping color or take up trip up to the second floor which has entry into a wonderfully large sitting room with exposed break. The second floor also plays host to your 2 bedrooms and another full bathroom.


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Home Buyer This One’s for You!

Have you or are you currently on the hunt for a new home and just couldn’t quite get to a starting point. Or maybe you are like I used to be, you grab the publications out of the grocery store entrance then come home look at them all only to discover you’re no further along in the search than when you didn’t have the publications. So your next step is, you drive around looking at homes with For Sale signs in the yard. You find one you want to see, called the number of the sign and hear “Sorry that house is under contract and we are not taking backup offers”. <<<<<<< Put's you back at square 1 all over again…(Long Sigh).

Let’s just say this is a big decision and doing it the long way will only serve to slow you down. Stop that back and forth. I am writing this to give you a surer way to start your search, make a list of must haves vs wants in your next home, what steps to take before you being that house hunt and then how that timeline will progress once you find the home you want to call your own.

As I am sitting here writing this, there are over 3000 “active” listings in just St. Louis County along, not including St. Louis City or St. Charles. What does that equate to you? Stop driving from house to house, sit down and make a list of houses you want to see, you can start on my website, Homes in St. Louis you can even set up alerts so that you know the moment the houses that meet your criteria comes onto the market.

But on to the meat and potatoes!

Here is a list of the way your path should begin:

  1. Find a Real Estate Agent
  2. Make a list of wants vs needs in your next home
  3. Obtain a Pre-Approval not a Pre-Qualification (most sellers want to know that you can obtain financing not that just your income says you can)
  4. I will give you access to view houses that are currently on the market and will setup appointments for you to view them based off your schedule
  5. You have located the “One”, now it’s time to write an offer
  6. If you offer is accepted, you will provide an Earnest Money Deposit
  7. If your offer is rejected, you may receive a Counter Offer from the Seller. You can negotiate until you both arrive at agreeable terms and have both accepted the new terms. 
  8. Here is where you will setup Inspections (termite, pest, survey, title, home), this is where things are uncovered or learned about the house. Not all of them are required but I do suggest them so that you know fully what is there with the Seller’s Disclosure  (if provided)
  9. You then progress to removing each of the contingencies that were called for in the contract or you may amend the original contract if you disagree with things learned.
  10. Start looking into Insurance, you may need Hazard and/or Flood, depending on where your house is located. You want to make sure this is all done and ready by the time you make it to the last phase, closing.
  11. On to Financing, this is where you will actually apply for the mortgage. The lender will pull your credit report, order appraisal on the house, and verify information from your application. 
  12. The mortgage application is sent through Underwriting, this is where your application is triple checked and the Lender may come back with conditions that must be met before a final loan commitment is given. (This is where you may have to explain or write letters as to what’s on your credit report, or may have to pay some things off on your credit to move forward).
  13. Once all of this is done, the Lender can reject or approve your loan. If approved, you are issued a Loan Commitment. 
  14. All information is then passed along to the escrow, title or closing agent that will handle your final closing. That means the lender will send over their information, insurance sends over theirs, Home Warranty is ordered (if seller offered or buyer purchased). Closing date is scheduled and time slot picked for closing.
  15. 24 hours to 48 hours prior to closing, you will get what is referred to as a HUD-1, this details all costs with final numbers and should be checked for possible errors or omitted costs. You can then proceed to getting your certified funds check or setting up a bank wire transfer (personal checks are not accepted).
  16. During the last 24 hours before the closing, your final walk-through will be scheduled. This is where you would go to the house, check to make sure that things that were offered in the contract were left behind and that there is no damage to the house or that it’s in the same condition as when you first viewed it (minus the seller’s personal possessions if it was occupied when you viewed it).
  17. THE FINISH LINE:  Congratulations you are at the closing, this is where you do the bulk of the work, you will be signing documents left and right. But you know that you have made it through the toughest parts.
  18. You are handed your new keys at this point and can get the moving van rolling on your possession date! (Sometimes its the same day as the closing, if you negotiated that during the contract).
Here is a Home Tour Comment Sheet to carry with you when viewing houses, it helps you sort through wants and needs and take notes on the properties that you have viewed. Print out several copies to have one for each property to sit down and reference when you’re ready to decide on the one that you want to put the contract in for.

New Mortgage Rules Officially Named "Qualified Mortgage" and What that Means for YOU the Consumer!

You may have read a lot or heard a lot regarding the new mortgage rules and how that will lend credence to your first or next home purchase. Read on to find out how this affects you and what protections it offers:

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