Haunted Houses? Do They Really Exist?

Recently I was out showing a home to a buyer client, not only is she a client, but has been a friend since elementary school. This is where it gets a bit hairy.

We were laughing upon entering the house and she made a comment regarding it looked like someone left in the middle of packing. I laughed because indeed it did and there was a big notice on the door to make sure you actually lock the door when you leave.

We continued on through the tour of the house and instead of going to the 2nd floor level we decided to head to the basement since that’s one of the requirements on her wish list. It needs to be livable or able to be finished without much repair.

As we’re walking through the basement, there was this one odd door. I asked if she was going to look she said no really quickly. So of course, me being the agent I decided to be the one to take the look. There was a weird like altar in the room, naturally I closed the door after she peeked and she made a beeline for the basement steps.

We were joking coming out of the basement when it felt like she got a little too close for comfort. But I looked behind me and there was space between us. We passed back through the kitchen on the way to one of the set of steps that lead upstairs. I was leading the way discussing some of the features of the house and the price was set to move the house in the current market.

I had a weird situation after the feeling on the basement steps, however I didn’t say a word about it and trooped right on. Another hairy turn/feeling? I placed my foot on the first step on the upper set of stairs, there suddenly was a large dragging and then a drop. I don’t know what but I had the urge to run and run is what I did. I turned to look and she was running right on my heels.

I slammed the front door the moment she cleared it and started putting the key into the lock. It took about 2 to 3 minutes to get the lock to click into place but she pointed out we didn’t have the box to lock the key back in (Referencing the interior box of the Supra). I suddenly got a sick feeling in my stomach that now I had to unlocked this door and go back in. Then I remembered, ha I never take the box all the way into the house, I usually place it right on the inside floor next to the door.

I opened the lock and door back up and stuck my hand in just enough to grab the box and it felt like a presence was in front of the door. I quickly snatched the box and locked the door after again a 2 to 3 minute struggle with the locks.

We’re finally backing off the front porch of this house and getting into my truck. I knew I couldn’t drive off too quickly, least we crash. I had to take a moment and compose myself, I took a look over at her and she was physically shaking all over.

She asked something then and I was terrified for real. “Do you see the window curtains are now open on the 2nd floor?” I looked up and they most certainly were, I put my truck in reverse and got the heck out of there so fast.

This by far was a showing appointment that left me feeling unprepared and shaken and I keep getting an odd feeling about the house. Enough to know I’ve never felt this feeling in my life and comparing notes afterwards with my client/friend, something was indeed in that house and it wasn’t a person just hanging out.

Do you believe that homes or buildings can be haunted or ever had a feeling that you weren’t alone?

I know it’s far from Halloween however this felt like being in one of the scary movies or books that I love so much.