St. Louis Condos! Is Condo living for you?

The most common thing I hear from potential condo purchasers, “I love the ideal of low or no maintenance on the exterior.”

Is that really all there is to condo living though? Condos boast a community within a community inside of a neighborhood. Yes I said it!

There are many things that you have to account for with most if not all condos in St. Louis. Just a short list:

  • Homeowner’s Association
  • Covenants and Restrictions
  • HOA Fees
  • Bylaws for Community/Coop/Villa
  • Common Grounds
  • Lot/Land Ownership
  • Limitations on Pets
  • Limitations on Vehicles
  • Parking Assignment if there is no Garage on the Condo

With each of the items on the list, when condo shopping you want to keep these in mind, overall a lot of home buyers do not look over all of the information that comes with purchasing a condo.

Some condos units have lesser restrictions but may also not be covered by all mortgage products.

I also want to point out because the terms condo and townhouse are often used interchangeably. They do not have the same terms, layout or Association Rules. One of the most common forgotten expenses as mentioned in the short list of condo terms is the Homeowner’s Association Fee.

The Homeowner’s Association fee is not included in your monthly mortgage payment. The fee can be deemed annual or monthly according to the rules of the Association.

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