Summer has Winded Down! What are you planning to do now?

Now that Summer has winded down, many of our lives have taken on a different path.

Maybe you are settling into your home, participating in school events, start new classes of your own or hunkering down for a home organization (after Summer off time).

Whatever it is you’re doing, stop and think for a moment, is there something I wanted to do for the past 9 months that I have yet to accomplish.

Make a list, check it twice, this is the time put those action plans in place. Don’t end the year with a goal or task you’ve really wanted to do but didn’t make time to do.

I’m learning about Time Management on a larger scale that way I can now focus on the things I want or need to have done already. Fast-tracking that’s what it’s been called in the past. I’m going to make sure that everything is done by the time 12/31 appears on my calendar.

It’s not a matter of rushing and making myself do things, there things I’ve wanted to do and pushed to the wayside. For instance, I recently started looking into going back to school for my Master’s. I no longer can throw out excuses. I’ve had years to do that. Now it’s time to plan, make a course of action and implement.

What’s your one big plan that you need to accomplish? Maybe knowing that seasons change brings about action.