To Visit an Open House or Not!

Tamara Liggins Open HouseYou may be wondering should you visit an open house just announced?

My best guess is you should and I’ll explain why! Sometimes you drive past a home that may have been on the market or just coming onto the market and you’re genuinely curious what the home has to offer.  Sure you’ve looked at the pictures online likely on several different websites, but really a picture does minimal justice for most homes. Most of us are visual by nature, so the up close and personal feel of an open house can satisfy that.
You may walk in after being greeted by the REALTOR® and immediately you’re drawn to different things or rooms that you may not have gotten a good feel for in the original pictures.
I see tons of homes through my MLS connected website Real Estate St. Louis Now and most of them leave me wanting a little bit more and plus previewing homes is a thing that let’s me know what’s on the market and what might suit a client’s needs or wants.
The first thing I find myself doing is checking to see if the home is available for an immediate viewing or if there is an upcoming open house and from there I schedule an appointment for me to view the home in person or grab my phone and put in an event reminder for the open house coming up.
Will you find your dream home visiting open houses? Likely not, but you would be more in tune with what it is you want and don’t want, floor plans such as open or walls to separate space. Let’s be frank, it takes a lifetime for some of us to find that proverbial “dream home” but you may find your next or first home.
For Sellers, an open house can open up ideals and show you just what homes your home is competing against in your neighborhood or if homes are moving quickly in a certain area and not because it’s a highly desired area, go and check out the open houses. Why? Because you will likely see remodeling, updates or renovations that the current owner has done that made the house list for a top price or  selling for a lower price, find out why. Did the owner take the time to update the bathrooms, paint, refresh the carpeting or put in new flooring or add granite countertops? These are most certainly things that would aid in knowing how to get your house sold quick and for a possibly higher sale price.
Did you know that lot’s of REALTORS® host what’s known as an Agent Open House. It gives them time to get honest feedback from their peers and often times helps the sellers know what changes to make or if an attending agent has a potential buyer already waiting for a similar home, it could very well get the home sold quickly.
Looking for an upcoming open house in and around St. Louis? Look no more, visit your next open house this week.