Vivint Cameras and Accessories

I thought this would be a great article for current and future homeowners. Nothing like automating the security of your home. And with recent updates circa this article was written in 2011. I have the Vivint Sky control panel and I love being able to control my thermostat, get notifications when I’ve left my doors unlocked and also the ability to arm my doors and the whole alarm right from my iPhone.

For most people leaving things plugged in and turned on is a regular life event and we hate to start off to work and turn around to turn things off or hope someone comes home in time to shut things down. TADA!!! Home automation has changed that old worry.
I also went with the automated door controls, now my family has codes so that I can see who comes and goes and bring up my cameras to make sure everyone is behaving.


Vivint provides home automation, home monitoring service and even in-home tornado warnings.

Vivint is a full service – from installation of equipment to subsequent monitoring of the sensors. But, you can also choose to add accessories on your own – IP cameras, sensors and z-wave devices. The z-wave devices are controlled via Vivint’s control panel.

Check a review of Vivint including Vivint prices to see if it is right for you.

Vivint serves over 170,000 customers and has an interesting background, from its start as a Terminix pest control affiliate in 1992 to its present service providing home monitoring and automation.

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