Are you considering selling your home? or you thinking of sweeting the pot for the Buyer?

This is a great article I ran across for Homebuyer Incentives. What are incentives, you ask?
Sometimes we are inclined to offer something additional to promote more buyer’s to view our homes. That something could be a home warranty, money to make changes or a personal item like a trampoline (that’s not built in).

These can work out great when positioned correctly or they can make a buyer run. Here is the article:

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I hope you enjoyed reading that. It was informative even to me, I find that I’ve viewed tons of homes and an incentive likely would have got the buyer to move forward with the offer to purchase. In other homes, the incentive is what really did cause the buyer to not pull the trigger. This can also be an important sign for the seller when providing feedback after a showing. This let’s the seller know, make the changes, don’t expect the buyer to be willing to make the change after the fact. Maybe the buyer doesn’t want or can’t take on an additional task after moving in.