Part 1: Want to be a Home Owner, Money Getting in the Way? Read On!

Buying your home can be a daunting task. Whether you have purchased many or going at it for the first time. I am here to tell you first off if there is something you don’t know ask a Real Estate Agent. If there is something you want to know, don’t be afraid to ask or want clarification. This is an investment and most often the biggest decision we make in life. I got into Real Estate because I enjoyed helping people on any subject that I was knowledgeable on or guiding them to someone that could assist them with care.

The subject I really wanted to touch upon today is Down Payment Assistance. I’ve looked through and compiled a lot of information regarding assistance because I myself needed it as well. That lead me further into Real Estate and what better way to help others then to become a licensed REALTOR®

I noticed when talking to people, the main reason they avoid the subject of purchasing a home is the scare of a large down payment or becoming responsible for the care and upkeep of property.

There are programs out there whether they are Federal, State, Local or Municipal. I live in St. Louis, one of the places I looked into owning a home was Florissant, MO unknown to me, in conjunction with St. Louis County Government offers a program called 1st HOME not only does it offer a Loan Amount (at the time of writing) $3500, it’s zero interest when you qualify on the income limits. Click the link and find out more. There is some work involved on your end with a Participating Lender/Counseling Agencies, make sure you ASK questions and understand how rewarding and beneficial it can be to you. Also not your first home? How long has it been since you last owned a home? You just may still qualify. If you determined that Florissant is not for you, the program operates in other areas of St. Louis including St. Louis County, St. Charles County, Jefferson County, O’fallon, City of St. Charles and Wentzville.

That is just one program in itself. There are several more that I’m going to touch upon in this post.

The next program is the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP), this program offers a lot based off certain qualifications and has homes that have already set and waiting on you. From How to Buy a NSP County Home. Due to certain restrictions I am unable to list all of their information here.

The last program in this post that I touch upon is the Hometown Heroes Homeownership Program, this is geared towards people that work as primary or secondary teachers, firefighters, EMT, LPN or RN nurses, military including active or veterans, police officer, and Retirees of either of these professions are even considered with certain requirements.

If you want to learn more information or have questions about how you can qualify while starting or continuing your home search, reach out to me at
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I will be updating this post in several parts until I get enough information in front of you that let’s you know there is help to realize your Homeownership Dreams in Missouri.

Your welcome to recommend this post to your friends, family and colleagues in helping them realize there is help out there for them too.